Venom OG, sometimes referred to as “Venom OG Kush,” is a robust hybrid strain produced by crossing the strong Poison OG X Rare Dankness #1 strains. It contains 50% indica and 50% sativa. Don’t be fooled by the moniker; this strain’s only toxicity will be used to treat your aches and pains. The euphoric effects of the Venom OG high are more tranquil than energetic, and they are highly sedative and relaxing. First, you’ll experience a rush of joy that uplifts your mood and leaves your head feeling heavy and stoney. Your body will experience a warming wave of gentle buzzing tingles as you drift off to sleep and total bliss, lulling you into a peaceful state of perfect relaxation. These potent effects provide Venom OG an advantage in treating illnesses including arthritis, chronic pain, sleeplessness, and muscular spasms or cramps It tastes and smells like strong, skunky diesel with hints of sweet, tart, earthy lemon. Venom OG buds contain incredibly dense forest green nugs covered in tiny bright amber crystal trichomes and bright orange hairs.

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