Gas Mask is an Indica Strain. $100/3oz



Gas Mask is an Indica strain. You’ve discovered the source of a powerful high! After just one or two hits, Gas Mask turns up the potency with long-lasting effects that put you to sleep and fully sedate you. Gas Mask has a lifting effect that doesn’t make you more energetic but instead induces a deep state of relaxation. Soon, a tingly sensation will travel over the rest of your body, lulling you into a deep sleep. Gas Mask is frequently used to treat problems like chronic pain, insomnia, spinal cord injury, exhaustion, and depression because to these effects plus its high THC content. As you exhale, this flower has a nasty, skunky smell with notes of tart cherry. Fresh cherry and sour dank are the dominant scents, with a skunky, pungent undertone that can fill an entire room. Heavy olive green nugs in the shape of a heart, dark amber hairs, and a layer of dark amber crystal trichomes are all characteristics of Gas Mask buds.

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